JOHNSON & DAVIS has represented numerous businesses, partnerships, limited liability companies, and other entities, and individuals, in disputes of all types.  Often times, such litigation consists of disagreements over the parties’ obligations under a contract.  Such contracts include, but are not limited to, the following:  partnership agreements, operating agreements, lease agreements, by-laws, license agreements, employment agreements, and land-use agreements.  While some contracts are required by law to be in writing, many contracts can be oral in nature.  An effective legal representation of a party in a business contract dispute involves a close reading of the contract, if it is written, and a close evaluation of the facts, to ascertain and understand the nature of the dispute.  The attorneys at JOHNSON & DAVIS are experienced in representing clients in such disputes, and understand the process of evaluating and understanding such disagreements so as to provide its clients appropriate advice and competent representation in these matters.  



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